The Nea Peramos' Shipyard offers complete shipbuilding services:

  • Hoisting - launching
  • Installations for the storage of all types of small and medium-sized vessels
  • Modern facilities for the storage of small boats in trailer
  • Construction and retrofitting of traditional wooden boats, recreational boats and fishing boats
  • Extensive repairs-retrofits of polyester boats
  • Manufacture specialty metal professional boat (aluminum, iron)
  • Providing a wide range of services:

    » High quality joinery
    » Engine placement, alignment, shafts - propeller
    » Wooden sails building
    » Cleaning (jetting, watersandblasting)
    » General maintenance and repair work as well as specialized work
    » Antiosmosis jobs
    » Paints, varnishes, colours and anti-fouling paints
    » Boat hull polishing and GRP - Finish - protecting - sealing paint
    » Engineering works
    » Electrical works
  • Stainless steel constructions

    » Lifelines, special ladders and catwalks
    » Fuel tanks, water tanks
    » Rigging and other special constructions

Maintaining competitive pricing and high service reliability.
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