The shipyard's history is directly linked with the history of Nea Peramos, which starts with Peramos of the Kyzikos peninsula of Asia Minor.

The habitands of Peramos, with all the belongings they could carry with them, abandoned their homeland at 1922 and, in search of a place to settle in Greece, half of them end up at an area on the East side of Kavala (where today exists a city named Nea Peramos) and the other half which were under the guidance of George Zoublios (son of Christos) end up at the area called Megalo Pefko in the greater area of the province of Megara. The choice of land took place before the great persecution of 1922 by George Zoublios, who was a fisherman and owner of 14 fishing ships, a proprietary harbor and a shipyard at Peramos and decided to seek for a new base in the main part of Greece where he could transfer the families of Peramos and his business activities; Koulouri (Salamina) was pick-pointed to him. Having found the destination, he started arranging his property, aiming at a permenent relocate at Koulouri but, when the Turks closed Dardanelles straits, it became impossible to leave. Many ships sunk, fortunes were lost and so he started alone for the quest of an other land, as a refuggee, finally reaching Koulouri. There, he started again his fishing activities and, at the same time, sent the message back to his family and other families of Peramos on how to relocate at main Greece. All the families that made it, including his own, were hosted by the Holy Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni at Salamina. The Monastery, as owner of a significant amount of land at the coast of Megara, offered a land part in order for a refuggee settlement to be established. With the Presedential ordering of the then greek government and under the auspices of the Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Refuggees, an expropriation of the land took place. Since 1930 Nea Peramos is named a COMMUNITY and the first steps for building up the espace were on track.

Among the families of the refugees was the family of Ioakeem Maragkos. Ioakeem Maragkos was the shipwright of Peramos and, like any other kraftsman, tried to continue his professional activities, crart and traditions. So, he created (within the refugee settlement) in 1928 a small shipyard to support the refugee community of fishermen. After deceasing his craft, as long as the property of the small shipyard, passed on to his son Vasilios Maragkos, man of excellent quality and great craftsman of his era. Following his retirement, due to old age, the small shipyard of Nea Peramos became property of George Zoublios' grandsons who developed it further on and, giving importance to traditional shipbuilding craft and skills, maintain it upt to nowadays.

Throughout this period of 82 years, this small shipyard has built numerus shipping and other purpose vessels. Today, under the company form of G Zoublios & CO, the shipyard is engaged in manufacturing-retrofitting and maintenance of traditional vessels and yachts as well as the construction of sailing yachts. Always keeping in mind the excellent quality construction and profound knowledge of the wooden hull, the company continiously offers its services.

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